Have fun, be safe and try not to light yourself on fire with fireworks…. …zombie flesh is highly flammable. HAPPY JULY 4TH! Sparkle on, Zombie Good Life Advertisements

Nothing like a celebration to commemorate your undead magnificence! Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, dear Zombie, Please eat my brains, too! Now make a wish! -Zombie Good Life

Oh, it’s your birthday? Delightful!  At your age, your brains have aged to a tender and juicy perfection. Mmmmmm, tasty, Zombie Good Life    

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Hope you spend today with someone you love……to eat. Hugs, Kisses and Brains, ZOMBIE GOOD LIFE

We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos celebration! Love, Zombie Good Life

It’s here!  It’s here!  Halloween 2014 is upon us and we are ready to howl at the moon…. ….or yowl at the moon! Trick-or-Treat with abandonment tonight! Happy Halloween from the Living and Living Dead, Zombie Good Life

I love getting new Zombie Good Life products in the mail 🙂 My new iPad desperately needed to have zombie pet as a skin.   Visit The Rot Shop and adopt a sweet, decaying mouse of your own! Have a wonderfully wicked weekend. Love, Zombie Good Life

Don’t Panic Mechanic, Framed Art Print 10 x 12 By Zombie Good Life   Fine art at its undead best! Love, Zombie Good Life

Chicks with Brains Mini iPad Skin By Zombie Good Life   Fluffy, undead and completely adorable.