Have fun, be safe and try not to light yourself on fire with fireworks…. …zombie flesh is highly flammable. HAPPY JULY 4TH! Sparkle on, Zombie Good Life

Remembering those whose sacrifices paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today. Happy Memorial Day, Zombie Good Life

Ring around the rosy, Holding onto intestinal hose-y. Zombies, zombies, We all eat BRAINS. Springtime is here….can you smell the blooming decomposition? ~ Zombie Good Life

Nothing SCREAMS appreciationĀ more than a macaroni-covered piece of paper made with love. Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Zombie Good Life

  Little Zombie Foo-Foo, hopping through the apocalypse. Picking up the humans and biting off their heads! HAPPY EASTER!!! From Zombie Good Life, where celebrating the Living Dead is a daily occurence

At the end of the post-apocalyptic rainbow, you will find…. ….a pot o’ lovely brains! What would zombies do with gold? Love and Luck, Zombie Good Life

Nothing like a celebration to commemorate your undead magnificence! Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, dear Zombie, Please eat my brains, too! Now make a wish! -Zombie Good Life

Life sucks! Being Living Dead ROCKS! Don’t knock it, till you’ve died it. LOVE, Zombie Good Life