Oh, the things kids can dig up these days! Enjoy your family this week!  And those you don’t like, eat ’em! Love, Zombie Good Life Advertisements

It’s a striiiiike!   Lil’ Sally is a ranking champion at Brain Bowling! Winning and grinning, Zombie Good Life

We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos celebration! Love, Zombie Good Life

It’s here!  It’s here!  Halloween 2014 is upon us and we are ready to howl at the moon…. ….or yowl at the moon! Trick-or-Treat with abandonment tonight! Happy Halloween from the Living and Living Dead, Zombie Good Life

Should we tell Sally that’s not a pumpkin? One day closer to our faaaaavorite holiday!  I hope you have started decorating your homes to look their spooky-best! Trick-or-Treat, Zombie Good Life

Trick or Treat, smell my feet…. GIVE ME ALL YOUR BRAINS TO EAT! Love from your undead friends, Zombie Good Life

As you can imagine, Halloween is the most anticipated holiday of the Undead Calendar Year. So with much aplomb, we want to start the festivities a little early! From candy corn to hob-goblins, we embrace all things sweet, sticky and spooky!   Pumpkins are almost as tasty as brains….but not quite! Trick or Treat, my …

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