Remembering those whose sacrifices paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today. Happy Memorial Day, Zombie Good Life Advertisements

Ring around the rosy, Holding onto intestinal hose-y. Zombies, zombies, We all eat BRAINS. Springtime is here….can you smell the blooming decomposition? ~ Zombie Good Life

  Little Zombie Foo-Foo, hopping through the apocalypse. Picking up the humans and biting off their heads! HAPPY EASTER!!! From Zombie Good Life, where celebrating the Living Dead is a daily occurence

At the end of the post-apocalyptic rainbow, you will find…. ….a pot o’ lovely brains! What would zombies do with gold? Love and Luck, Zombie Good Life

Nothing like a celebration to commemorate your undead magnificence! Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, dear Zombie, Please eat my brains, too! Now make a wish! -Zombie Good Life

Life sucks! Being Living Dead ROCKS! Don’t knock it, till you’ve died it. LOVE, Zombie Good Life

Oh, it’s your birthday? Delightful! ¬†At your age, your brains have aged to a tender and juicy perfection. Mmmmmm, tasty, Zombie Good Life    

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Hope you spend today with someone you love……to eat. Hugs, Kisses and Brains, ZOMBIE GOOD LIFE