Life sucks! Being Living Dead ROCKS! Don’t knock it, till you’ve died it. LOVE, Zombie Good Life Advertisements

Brain shaped ice cubes, maybe….. Happy Holidays, Zombie Good Life

Zombie, the Snowman, was a jolly hungry soul, He’s a rotting corpse with a button nose, and two eyes black as coal. Zombie, the Snowman, is a fairytale, they say. He was dead as snow, but the children know, he came back to life that day. Christmas is Coming! -Zombie Good Life

Want to know the best way to confuse a Zombie? Oh the weather outside is frightful But the brain is so delightful The head is the place to go Where’d it go?  Where’d it go? Where’d it go? The snowman has a head Full of ice and apocalyptic dread, When I dig for the brains below Where’d …

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Oh, the things kids can dig up these days! Enjoy your family this week!  And those you don’t like, eat ’em! Love, Zombie Good Life

Joe was one of the best….and obviously tasty….customers. Drink up, Zombie Good Life

Someone watch a LOT of Happy Days in his living years. Cooler dead, than alive. Love, Zombie Good Life.

It’s a striiiiike!   Lil’ Sally is a ranking champion at Brain Bowling! Winning and grinning, Zombie Good Life

Thank you to every veteran who has served our country. Happy Veterans Day! Love, Zombie Good Life

“First you’re dead and stinkin Thinkin, winkin, drinkin, sinkin Ba-ba-ba-blinkin….”   The star of the show, hard-working, Mr. Zombie Jaaaaaames Brown!!! Love, Zombie Good Life